Solution for apparel

We use our 3D Body Scanning System to collect users’ 3D measurements with a deviation within 1cm. The collected measurements can then be applied into prototyping and custom garment making. Users’ virtual avatars will be automatically generated. Then users can view their avatars in our Virtual Fitting System used in brands’ flagship and online stores.

Users can also download a mobile APP to get access to their own avatars. Users’ the visited information and purchase record will then be stored into the cloud. Brands can use the cloud to keep a better management of data, stock and orders.

Increase outfit try-on

Fast try-on

Three-dimensional try-on results

Increase conversion rate

Increase in-store sales

Accurate measurements stored in cloud

Accurate body measurements

3D representation of human body

CAD editable

Personalized tailoring

Total solution for efficient stock management

Cloud management for data and orders

Effective inventory management

Connect online and offline

Cloud-based precision marketing

Connect online and offline

Accessible via PC, mobile and fitting mirror

Personalized avatar accessible anytime anywhere

Royalty plan to push tailored messages based on customers’ purchase record