Cloudream Virtual
Fitting System

More than a fitting room

Cloudream Virtual Fitting System

Interactive ——support both touch screen and spatial gestures
Effective——allow 50+ outfit try on in one minute
Unique——provide a personalized journey to shopper

  • Reduce in-store stock

    Cloud-based system can store countless amount of garment data

  • Effective try-on

    50+ outfit try-on in one minute
    Easier in-store garment maintenance

  • Attract more shoppers

    High-tech marketing

  • Enrich shopper engagement

    Immediate snapshot posts
    Online interactive
    Virtual outfit DIY

User-friendly OS

2560x1440 display supports both touch and spatial gesture
Kinect -based camera recognizes all gestures via error-free motion capture
Standby advertisements are made of multimedia files that effectively attract shoppers’ attention
Cloud storage secures an omni -channel management connecting ERP systems


Surface scanning time:


Scanning environment:

a usual lighting environment

Free package:

management software

Screen size:


Mobile feature:

QR-scanning order

Output format:


Frame material:

aluminum + cold rolling plate

Floor space:

3.5㎡ x 2.5㎡